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Elisa organized a number of events for me when we worked together at a large non profit organization. I was always "Ms. 
Yu-Shan works creatively,
 tirelessly, and with an eye on the budget - - a rare combination, indeed. She has my hearty personal endorsement."

Steve McFarland -  Former Legal member at the U.S. Department of Justice - Chief Legal Officer at World Vision
Elisa organized a number of events for me when we worked together at a large non profit organization. i was always impressed with her work ethic, resourcefulness, attention to detail and commitment to get the job done. She is skilled at coordinating multiple priorities and orchestrating things together for a successful event.   

Joseph Mettimano - Former Vice President Advocacy for World Vision
Elisa "You know it couldn't be done without her" Yu-Shan - Everyone knows it and I hope she believes it - this conference could not have happened without her.  Few are aware the sacrifices she makes and the attention she gives so that no detail goes untouched.  Thank you for all you have done, noticed and unnoticed.  Wow, wow, wow!​ 

Craig Jaggers in email sent to team and Sr. Leadership dated 04-23-2010 at 1:40 PM 

​If you are looking for a top-notch event planner in the DC metro area, I highly recommend Ms. Yu-Shan.  I worked with Ms. Yu-Shan organizing a three-day advocacy conference in Washington, DC that brought together people from around the US, requiring complex logistics and planning of hotel accommodations, transportation, meals and multiple-site gatherings for attendees, high-level speakers and special guests alike. 

As a former conference organizer myself, I can attest based on experience that she has the right skills to ensure a  small, medium or large event is a great one. She is highly detail orientated in planning and event execution, yet savvy enough to see the big picture, understanding the client’s needs and measurement of “success,” offering recommendations and suggestions to these ends. 

She is extremely dedicated and resourceful, acting as a strong advocate for the client when negotiating costs with vendors or special requirements for a VIP.  Additionally, she provides a strong, level-headed demeanor when moments of stress arise during planning and execution.  And most importantly, she has an innate ability to multi-task, doing so with ease. I highly recommend Ms. Yu-Shan for your next event.

Craig Jaggers - Former Policy Advisor for Health & Education at World Vision
Elisa, there is no way we could have pulled this off without your creativity, quick thinking, and willingness to be available for long hours of work. I'm very grateful!

Corryne Deliberto in email sent to myself and our advocacy team
Elisa is AMAZING! Again and again she goes beyond the call of duty to get the job done. She is incredibly detail oriented and was the one running down the last-minute items needed for the press conference yesterday. She made sure every base was covered, drove the materials to the press conference site, helped us set up, and came back to pick up the materials. She was up into the wee hours of the morning printing those Joseph Kony posters which her sister designed. She's really the glue that holds the PP&A family together. She's a team builder and a nurturer. 

Laura White Barton in email sent to my team's SR. VP dated 04-27-2006 @ 12:48 PM
Pending. Grace Akallo
Elisa is one of the hardest working people I have ever worked with. Our organizations collaborated to produce several 
multi-day events in Washington, D.C. with close to a thousand people in attendance. Elisa's role included managing vendor  relations and event logistics. She demonstrated enormous resourcefulness, dedication and attention to detail, executing events that exceeded participant expectations within our budget limits. Best of all, she did so with a positive attitude. She is a true team player.
Michael Poffenberger - Founder, Resolve Uganda, Lobbyist, Human Rights Activist


Elisa was the event planner and coordinator for 4 events which I managed at World Vision: the 2006 and 2008 Northern Uganda Lobby Day for Peace, which had over 1,000 participants from 40 different states coming for a symposium and lobby day; 2009 DR Congo Lobby Day, which drew 350 people from 20 states for a conference and advocacy day on the Hill; and the Women of Vision Conference and advocacy day, which gathered 250 major donors from across 15 states.

For each event, Elisa was a partner in both the strategic conceptualization and truly a leader in the event execution.  Her organizational and project managements skills helped us stay on track of upcoming deadlines regarding the logistics; speaker and VIP management; management and coordination of volunteers and staff in support of the event; material preparation; and the myriad of behind the scenes activities that makes an event a real success.

Elisa designed a registration system that allowed us to register 1,000 participants in 30 minutes; and her attention and dedication to handling the details - at times 24 hours straight after a 20 hour day, is truly incredible.

Elisa is very hardworking, incredibly resourceful, and with every event she brings such a wonderful enthusiasm and a "can do" attitude. She is among the most effective people I know, and her skill and dedication to event development and planning really took my work to a higher level. I cannot imagine doing any major event - either work or personal - without having Elisa.

​​Rory Anderson - Strategic Planner, Policy Analyst and Lobbyist 

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