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Dakota James Photography

Dakota James Photography  
Contact: Dakota James Craig (owner)
Website: http://www.dakotajamesphotography.com/
Phone:​ (954) 512-7751
Price Range: $-$$

Dakota started taking pictures for his high school's sports teams his freshman year at Robinson Secondary and did not stop since.

Dakota fell in love with the ability to capture a single moment in a photograph and has worked hard to continue to enhance his skills and eye.


Pac Photography

Pac Photography  
Contact: Adriana Pac (owner)
Website: http://www.pacphotographystudio.com/
Phone:​ (571) 224-6903
Price Range: $$-$$$

Adriana's adventure with photography started the moment she first picked a camera and held it in her hands, in her teenage years. It was at that moment when Adriana discovered what she wanted to do and was meant to do for the rest of her life.

Photography is Adriana's passion. It brings Adriana both, happiness and joy to see others excited when they receive the results of her photoshoots.​

Adriana 's sweet personality, talent, work ethics and hard work make her a pleasure to work with. She is easy to communicate with and extremely reliable.

Diana-Mac Photography

Diana-Mac Photography 
Contact: Diana MacHamer (owner)
Website: http://www.diana-mac.com/
Phone:​ (703) 867-4888
Price Range: $$-$$$

Diana has the ability to capture and enhance emotions; through the lens she shares those priceless moments with you, allowing you to cherish these memories and pass down to future generations. ​

As a photographer, it is Diana's goal to create those images for you to look back upon, so you may remember a day filled with love and laughter - a memory to last a lifetime.

Butterfly Photography

Butterfly Photography 
Contact: Sanaz Fahimi (owner)

Website: http://www.butterflyphotographycenter.com/
Phone:​ (866) 201-4861

Price Range: $$$-$$$$

Sanaz Fahimi's style stems from her fashion background and Artistic lifestyle. Her work captures the hearts and desires of hundreds of clients and individuals with a keen appreciation for the unparalleled style of her photography.

Her innovation continues to inspire, intrigue and attract admirers of art and style for decades to come. Combining influences from the world of fashion, photojournalism, and fine art, Sanaz has created an exclusive and innovative style.

Often Described as spontaneous, her work pushes the limits of conventional wedding photography providing each client a unique style of photos with their own personalized collection. Her team consist of 3 professional photographers and 2 professional assistants.

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