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Happily Ever After Bakery

Happily Ever After Bakery  
Contact: Calvin Finney (owner)
Website: http://www.happilyeverafterbakery.net/home.html
Phone:​ (703) 732-0897
Price Range: $-$$

There was a boy with a dream, named Calvin. His dream was to one day start a baking business to share the sweeter side of life to everyone. As of 2014, Calvin began his journey on changing the world. He shares his sweets with those who wander and to those with no homes. Calvin was a young lad when he learnt his skills. With a little help, Calvin became a successful baker with the help of his Grandmother and Mother.

Calvin plans to travel the world, showing everyone how sweet life can be. Along his journey Calvin was runner up for the award of  "Best Dessert Specialty 2014." He has then traveled to local bridal shows to sweeten up their days with his baked goods. He is off as we speak changing the world one cupcake at a time...

The Sweetery Gourmet Treats

The Sweetery Gourmet Treats 
Contact: Rebecca Yeates (owner)

Website: http://www.thesweeterygourmettreats.com/
Phone:​ (703) 472-2701

Price Range: $$-$$$

Rebecca Yeates of The Sweetery, with the assistance of her daughter, creates scrumptious desserts from the comfort of her home.  In tasting her customized goodies, our clients can taste the love and effort put into every popcorn kernel, brownie and cookie. 

From caramel drizzle to chocolate sprinkles, each part of her creation is purposefully placed to become a beautiful work of art.  So beautiful in fact, that her pieces have been used in photo shoots, to include the Brides and Weddings of Northern Virginia Feb ’15 edition. 

When our clients are looking for a customized candy or dessert display, The Sweetery is always one of our recommendations.

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